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Use Suitable Titles and Correct Flairs. Litecoin accomplished all three of these criteria and as a mock binary option trading strategies result, trust was gained and a community was formed. Binance 30 Confirmations Leonardo Poloniex Trade On Margin blockchain, they are trying to scale Bitcoin. LN only requires a malleability fix, not a major block restructure carried out via a faux soft fork. Bitcoin Cash does not have segwit, their blocks are not completely stable, their dev team is not open as Litecoin, it was premined by Bitmain, they embrace asic booster. Bitcoin Cash tends to vary but currently takes a similar time to Litecoin. In summary, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are competing for the same use case but were created under drastically different conditions with different core philosophies. It is believed that larger block sizes will ultimately result in centralized mining because large blockchains that are 100s or 1000s of gigabytes in size will only be downloadable and processed by high net worth individuals or institutions. Hasn't bch 3x'd since fork? Same with btc gold and segwit2x.

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Bitcoincash comments other discussions. On the other hand, Charlie Lee mined only 150 Litecoin by the time a public network of miners began hashing away at Litecoins blockchain. Content Do not steal content, also known as scraping or plagiarizing. Find the good stuff, its all about usability in the near future. Here are the effects. New Coin 11 comments 80 Upvoted, this thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We had some whales like Roger Ver kick off the stampede, but really Bitcoin Cash is becoming the big blocker's Bitcoin. See our Expanded Rules wiki page for more details about this rule. Technical Differences, now that we understand why Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash were created, lets explore the differences in how they operate. Is there a possibility the coins can go missing because I choose split? Similar, faster, cheaper, worldwide recognized, all exchanges have LTC.

One of the first criteria that investors considered when investing was if a project launched fairly. The winks should have gotten a ton of bch on aug 1st. Instant Withdraw Bitcoin Ledger Blue Litecoin Wallet Chrome Extension now, but you can't buy stuff with them, and you can't use them for the technologies they were meant to support. Risk its security and decentralization in order to increase block size may not be the best answer for scaling for the long term. The cryptocurrency community evidently agrees since they have a loyal following, are consistently ranked in the top ten market cap of coins, and continue to grow. XRB is simply better than both of them at being cheaper and faster alternative to BTC, and doesnt have the baggage of those two coins. The mainnet launched on August 1, 2017, as a hard fork of Bitcoin at block height 478,559. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.

Litecoin introduced a new mining algorithm called Scrypt, contrary to Bitcoins SHA-256 algorithm, with the intent of giving power back to everyday miners, enabling them to profitably mine with their CPU or GPU. You can invest in them now, you can develop for. But this is also expected, I mean, how many people hopped on the bitcoin boat this year compared to last year? It could replace Bitcoin Cash in a day or two. I think bch is sustained by naked market manipulation in an effort to have their cake and eat. How To Use Customer Credit Card Payment To Buy Bitcoins Litecoin Titan X point litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit you in the right direction. Layers of technology is how computer technology works. I really hate bch too, but you should do some research.

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LTC set out to fix bitcoins current issues years ago by implementing the needed changes and starting a clean new block chain. Accessing Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash wallet on Nano. As a result, its important to take advantage of the public blockchain and see how wealth is distributed amongst wallets. If we could keep the discussion neutral and void of insults it would do a lot to further the discussion. If you want to you can re-use any address as often as you'd like, but litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit again - not recommended If I choose split where will my bitcoin cash on main be sent to? Beginners Article On Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies Documentary ban. Which one do you think has the best chance of becoming the winner as a cash alternative and why? In his view, creating off-chain payment channels goes against everything Bitcoin and privatizes the industry just like modern day banking. Monero vs Zcash vs Dash: t/v/WEF3ckJ1WTQ1dlE. If 2X won then BCH could die. I think the main problem with litecoin is their marketing. Communicate With the Mod Team, moderators u/jwinterm u/crypto_buddha.

litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit

The team behind the project is transparent and competent. Because Scrypt was a new algorithm, no fpgas were available. The way I see it, bitcoin cash is like trying to develop a modern video game out of assembly code. View All Moderators, cookies help us deliver our Services. They advertise as asic resistant when they are far from. Roger Ver believes private, off-chain transactions goes against Satoshis original vision for digital cash. Integrity move'd be to hedge tokens. Here's one comment. A larger block size means miners and non-miners running full nodes subsidize the added cost of the burden of having a network with wider throughput for its users. I choose main, then it loads the bch wallet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Obey the Golden Rule Maintain Decorum. Wealth Distribution In the cryptocurrency scene, especially amongst Proof-of-Work litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit (PoW) coins like LTC and BCH, the early bird gets the worm.

Its more about what it removes than adds right now to make Bitcoin actually usable. They have great technology, development, community but they lack in marketing. Do Not Steal Content. Satoshi, the creator(s) litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit that invented Bitcoin, has a wallet holding 1,000,000 Bitcoin, viewed as an economic threat to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Pasc Binance Best Mobile App To Crypto Wallet such chain or quit lead position. The more hashrate that exists, the more transactions can be handled. Does it not also seem realistic to you that he could have just gotten sick of being accused of conflicts of interest every time he tweets anything, like he said. We have a great dev community, and a positive broader community as well, but we need to be weary of not losing our momentum. Bitcoin Cash can be sent at 1 satoshi per byte, or a third of a cent or some such. What do you guys think? m/?ref21867060 Sign up! Create post r/CryptoCurrency Rules. After some wallets addressed it, BCH fee chart on fork.

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BTC Wallet Address: eTH Wallet Address: LTC Wallet Address: cardano vs Icon: t/v/Q2VhzhrttkMyQ1E, iCON Explained: t/v/R2N5cEZhzurhwda. Yeah get over it I lost bitcoins on MtGox as well. I think a lot of the top alt-coins have legit purposes for existing, and serve their own functions Ethereum has Dapps and smart contracts, Monero is built for privacy. Block Size and Hashrate Distribution Block size litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit affects the number of transactions that can be included in a block. It works and it is basically safe to use, How Many or Bitcoin Top Litecoin Pools not recommended, as there is a standard derivation path for BCH now, so you really should use split but each time I was transferring bitcoin. Bcash I avoid calling it "Bitcoin" because it isn't is a coin made by miners, for miners. But now it's water under the bridge. It's pretty concerning this has to be the reason. This is a bit technical, but we will leave it at that for now. Bitcoin Cash (Read 341 times).

Bitcoin Cash vs Litecoin. Charlie Lee is the face of Litecoin. While this speculation is interesting, lets see the practical effects by viewing the current hashrate distributions amongst pools on both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Any donation is highly appreciated. Note LN is not yet implemented on Bitcoin, litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit but is in the roadmap. Getting Bitcoin Cash From Ledger Reddit Litecoin Vs Bitcoin and there are more if you look up this person's post history. Huh, "a couple of salesman"?

Transaction speed is a function of block time, hashrate, and the number of transactions being broadcasted. Litecoins Relationship with Bitcoin, litecoin is viewed as having a symbiotic relationship with Bitcoin, essentially acting as Bitcoins little brother. Uh, cryptocurrencies aren't stock. These numbers can change at any moment depending on a couple of variables. We need to go full throttle on creating awareness. Back then it was still quite possible to buy coffee with bitcoin via zeroconf so litecoin really litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit had little advantage. I don't think calling it "Bitcoin Core" is wrong or meant to be insulting. If there are too many orphan blocks, then it can be difficult to identify parent blocks for transactions, creating issues with user balances and the overall state of the ledger. It is very valuable because, its security was never compromised. No Spam Referral linking is strictly prohibited and will be met with a long-term or permanent ban. Divulging how many coins you own can make you a target of hackers and identity thieves. I am wondering what makes Bitcoin Cash superior to Litecoin, and i can't come up with. The project is not a clone of Bitcoin, and instead, offers technical and philosophical advantages over its competitors.

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Press J to jump to the feed. I have bitcoin and bitcoin cash and wish to store them. Bitcoin cash has active development. In 2010, early in Bitcoins existence, a fix was implemented to limit Bitcoins block size to. XRB is instant, and fee-less, while scaling infinitely as it gets bigger. These 2 are pretty unique and solid coins to invest. Prior flair was shorter than.

Actually, at the time of writing, Litecoins average transaction speed is 30 minutes. LTC litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit already has the advantage I never got the point of Litecoin. If you're wrong, people might tell you why. Where do You get this graph? If skyrocketing transaction fees have rendered that function uncompetitive, then the underlying value is gone. Sounds too good to be true.

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Had to pony. Frankly, LTC's future is now more tied up in how the devs move forward and how segwit enabled coins perform after crosschain transactions are enabled. They aren't trying to scale. By 2011, Bitcoin miners had already been using fpgas to mine, which quickly paved the way for modern day application specific integrated circuit (asic) rigs. Not the other fake Bcash you refer. This is similar to how exchanges transact. Get a Binance Wallet! In 2011, Bitcoin worked well for small and fast payments, thus, it was the Scrypt mining algorithm which acted as the true incentive for a community to form. Ok so now that you don't like LTC, I assume you sold it all and we will never hear from you. As a result, instead of thousands of miners around the world, there will be a few large mining corporations keeping the network alive. I just can't believe the BCH community can't see far enough into the future to see that tgey're just recreating banks. The project was taken offline, reworked and re-launched 6 months later as Litecoin.

Just buy BCH if you can this coin will reach euro soon. The apps simply calculate them based on your seed words. Mining for equitable distribution and then Asic's convert to secure the blockchain. And if you look into their git code they pretty much follow bitcoin dev cycle merging upstream changes and doing very few on their. Sign up to get your own personalized Reddit experience! But who knows, we will have to wait a year or so to find out if you or I are wrong. Block time For the most part, block times affect inflation rates.

So, while it is good to encourage individual miners with smaller blockchain sizes, it is the mining pools that are more important to watch out for. Want to add to the discussion? If I had been, you can be sure I would have done this and that, but I moved on to other projects. That is new for this sub. A distinct approach to the same goal. Furthermore, there is a large amount of capital in BCH from less ideological bitcoiners who actually would have preferred some kind of compromise all along and see merits to both sides, and therefore haven't sold their coins on either chain. This attack is such a bitch move and completely irrelevant. It's the most valuable resource we have. Altcoins were traded on exchanges and began to pique interest from investors.

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Submit a new text post. Do not use multiple sockpuppet accounts to manipulate votes to achieve a narrative. Okay so if everybody uses LN then 8 times block size would be meaningless. A fair launch must meet litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit a few key requirements: No premine. Titles must be in English. Goin to save, the mother fin. LTC has a true viable product right now and it works amazingly well. Do Not Reveal Personal Information. I don't understand why BTC fans don't see this. Buyers and sellers trade instantly in the centralized ecosystem of an exchange, then when a trader withdrawals to their wallet, the resulting balances are broadcasted to the network. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Well, Lightning network is coming, that will reduce fees alot. He agreed to increase blocks when capacity was half full, and then he went back on his word.

Litecoin is best for conduction smaller peer to peer transaction, litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit because reduction of confirmation time makes Litecoin the fastest out of all three. Read the original Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Once Bitpay starts we'll overtake Litecoin in transactions in no time. Technically you can, however that's the minimum relay fee for most nodes. Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Bitcoin Gains How To Connect Cudaminer For Ethereum fiction. To keep things simple from an investments perspective, we have the math for you. Cryptocurrency Structure Cryptocurrency Blockchain me in on what i'm missing here?

You could pretty much stop reading after that litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit if you know each of these personalities. Since LTC and BCH are competing for the same use case, the distinctions are much more nuanced in their philosophical and technological approaches. He wants to take complete advantage of the public, trustless system that Bitcoin offers even at the expense of potential security issues. Bitcoin and Money itself at the most fundamental level is a ledger as this video explains. Ultimately, both LTC and BCH have well over 50 of the possible total supply that can exist, so at this point, transaction fees, performance, and usability will play a larger factor in the projects success than inflation rates. From this perspective, Litecoin is much more prone to manipulation by holders. Trolling, in all its forms, will lead to a suspension. Therefore BTC can unload its tx to ltc. Good to hear they have finally acknowledged the issue. With a 1 MB block size, on-chain scalability is limited and as a result, the team had to get creative by implementing solutions such as the Lightning Network.

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Its not practical to expect an average person to download a 500 GB blockchain to sync up their wallet. May 16, 2019, 07:01:32 AM (Moderator: mprep ) Author, topic: Litecoin. I think he sold because he saw the writing on the wall: If he's knowingly promoting a policy that would harm the utility of bitcoin is this a bit unethical? The only reason why the average fee. Well, that's not a bad thing. First formulated in this form by George Gilder inand attributed to Robert Metcalfe in regard to Ethernet, Metcalfe's law was originally presented,. Getting Bitcoin Cash From Ledger Reddit Litecoin Vs Bitcoin linked to this thread from another place on reddit. Bitcoin Cash has the cheapest transaction fees out of all three coins and it is probably has the best use case when it come to day-to-day transactions, but large blocks size limit may cause some vulnerability when it comes to decentralization and security. See a list of past AMAs.

Not done afaik M Addresses: Isn't it you who resorts to the name calling game now? Before making any decisions, its important to explore the technical differences between the two. For Bitcoin Cash, the two largest mining pools account for 45 of the networks total hashrate. Asic rigs are incredibly more efficient than litecoin vs bitcoin cash reddit CPU or GPU rigs serving a disadvantage to new miners. Org twork Whitepaper bitcoincash.