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80 Deletion of File:La seconde moiti?. Mit bekannten Gesichtern macht das Spielen noch mehr Spass. Was denken Sie wer wiegt mehr, die allein auf sich 80 Deletion of File:La seconde moitié. Mit bekannten Gesichtern macht das Spielen noch mehr Spaß. Was denken Sie wer wiegt mehr, die allein auf sich selbst aufpassen können, äußert und führen Sie sagen nicht, oder diejenigen, die lassen sie Kontrolle und noch jemand Posluhuj? But now i doubt. The content of the act is available at File:Urheberrecht 1895. So essentially under this plan there is no difference between verifiably anonymous works and works where we cannot locate the author or their life term, as long as date of publication is known. I also have resumes for this scientist. Is it such a simple design that it cannot be copyrighted? However, while illustrating the articles, I stumbled upon a reference to this local newspaper article, which claims it is much more recent, from circa 1930. But the flags used are a mix of CC0 and various local public domain dedications. King of 11:05, (UTC) It does not seems acceptable.

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The job will automatically be posted here. Rd232 ( talk ) 23:14, (UTC) Though actually COM:FOP#Germany mentions the case of Private property that cannot be freely accessed,.g. Here, we since 2006 use otrs to confirm the free license for files created by third parties who are willing to license them under CC-BY-SA but not willing to upload them on Commons or relicense them at external websites. You have to go down some stairs and there you are. Anyway, it's not usual that copyright owners of film poster release them under a free license. My personal view is that some pictures in Commons are already equipped with limitation licence: Question is: can we continue to upload media files to Commons, but administrators keep eye on them and add slovene english warning about usage limitations? Kissenbezug mit Füllung.99 * Träumen Sie gut! This means we have an Category:Academy Awards to go through and tag where needed and files like this File:g also. Ihrer Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. This has resulted in a revision of the COM advice on FoP.

Simple images are called photographic pictures (in contrary to photographic works.g. Die Anforderungen an Lichtbildwerke. I need find out what Commons policy is on this because it doesn't appear to have a source or true authorship, as the commons member did not own the copyright on this. That involved great skill and expense, but was not creative expression. Die Musikrichtung ist House und das vom allerfeinsten, hier werden richtig gute Platten aufgelegt die eine gute Partynacht braucht. Other problems include your sweeping statements about official works. I've been doing a lot of research on Wikipedia for a science fiction book I'm writing, and it so happens I'm really going to need to include a world map in the book.

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Is this license free enough to be hosted on Commons? Rd232 ( talk ) 23:36, (UTC) Issue from a 9 October discussion, and relating to Australian FoP Moved here from the main Village pump page. Rd232 ( talk ) 07:47, (UTC) Confusion over FoP country of origin Please see Commons talk:Freedom of panorama#FoP based on location of building or nationality of architect? In dem Buch lernen Abrahámovo lesen wir, dass. I think I've corrected my mistake, but I'm not 100. If the user does not agree, could referenced the deleted files, or simply visit the deletion log. Or course, I am willing to include a footnote"ng my source, Wikipedia, and identifying the original author for his deserved credit. Should the template be deprecated? I never heart about it before. Under the Act, "work" means "a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work". Every european country knows about this difference in its national act on copyright.

1) Beispielsweise gestattet die Deutsche Bundesbank (Rechteinhaber) jedermann und weltweit, seine alten Banknoten abzubilden. Budapest is a magnificent city known for its breathtaking architecture, its rich history and its beautiful scenery. I wonder if using a press photo is all right. Thank you so much for your patience and help, I really appreciate. Belgium embassy OF THE kingdom OF belgium 1015 Budapest, Toldi. We would only do that if we have that kind of legal precedent though - the forex bilder was ist das warm Italian law still has their fairly explicit "simple photos" definition even after they applied the EU copyright directive, so at the moment we are. The image begins to upload normally but then I get a prompt stating that this image has been removed from Wikipedia and refuses to to re-upload the image. Should the file be nominated for deletion, or should it be kept under COM:GOF? Response from otrs - Hi Pete Bobb, thanks for your contributions to wiki.

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There was a long discussion about this earlier this year (either on this page or at CT:FOP ). Anyway, I think there are reasons to support uploading such images with full resolution in local Wikipedias.- Pere prlpz ( talk ) 08:52, (UTC) Thx. Denken Sie an die gemütlichen Abende mit heißem Tee und Ihrer Lieblingsserie im Fernsehen, wenn Sie Ihre Decke bedrucken lassen. Should we add equivalent license tag on Commons, forex bilder was ist das warm or should we just move the file back to de Wiki? Use PD-1996. NeilK ( talk ) 02:55, (UTC) Hi! Per the later valid Slovenian acts his work would be public domain only in 2033 (70 1 years since his death and per COM:FOP#Slovenia photos of it can't be published on Commons until then. Do Russian copyright laws have anything to do with this? A hug them both, hoping that this problem will be resolved soon and tell me, Right now it is 12 to midnight, I go to sleep - The Photographer ( talk ) 04:57, (UTC) Could you list pictures.

forex bilder was ist das warm

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Can I use these images or not? It's practical to use it for Wikimedia where we can, but Commons has a wider remit than that. Your embassy can help you with several things from a lost passport over help when involved in fraud or theft to recommendations for doctors speaking your language. I've seen a few that were released into the public domain by other authors, a few that rely on some legal argument that they're PD, and only a couple ( File:Flag of g, File:Flag of g ) that say (perhaps. Now, what about a different case, a headshot photogaph emailed to me that was taken by a professional photagrapher during a photoshoot. Australia embassy commonwealth OF australia 1126 Budapest, Királyhágo tér 8-9. I've contacted the photographer to clarify the status of that file.

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(uraa application is not defined and therefore excluded) - Drdoht ( talk ) 21:56, (UTC) There are three problems in your arguments: The United States does not differ between "simple photos" and "complex photos". Otherwise, the file can't be used in the UK, the Nordic countries, Spain or many other places. Regarding attributing the original photographer they mostly give the following guidance, which isn't very useful: "You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that. For a death forex bilder was ist das warm mask, you may have to show that some of the the actual contours on the resulting bust were based on the sculptor's imagination, and not just the cast of the face. 49a.2) 6) Bedeutung für Wikipedia Bei Commons sind verschiedenartige Bilder unterschiedlichster Qualität abgelegt. Marc-Andr? Assbrock ( talk ) 16:33, (UTC) Ecce Homo by Elas Garca Martnez I've uploaded a reproduction of the original fresco by Elas Garca Martnez - File:Elias Garcia Martinez - Ecce g, expecting it to be absolutely safe. We should tag them with a template similar to grandfathered old file to help keep track of them.

to do: Commons verwendet.e. I'd start with your premise about the US respecting the "Lichtbild Lichtbildwerk" distinction: A restored work vests initially in the author or initial rightholder of the work as determined by the law of the source country of the work. There is none here, so Commons:Deletion requests/File:g. I am getting constant edits stating that I am violating all the wiki rules. A tree in the club and different plants growing all over the place hanging down from the balconies paired with stylish interiors makes it a lovely place to. If they were published, it depends to whom the copyright belongs. Assuming that you are interested in long term rentals I can recommend you the following websites to start your research: (English version of m) /en /en / Except for Ingatlanbazar and Duna House all websites have a English version however. Check out all upcoming events in Budapest. Somit sind wir Ihre innere Energie verschwenden.

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In most cases, it means that a photo was stolen (snatched from the web but in this case we deal with a photographer (PeteBobb) who likes to share (some of) his images with the rest of the world. Rd232 ( talk ) 00:00, (UTC) The uraa is part.S. Einer der angesagtesten Clubs in Budapest ist das Ötkert, speziell bei forex bilder was ist das warm Studenten steht der Club hoch im Kurs und ist gut besucht. Two questions: Do I need to ask the video artist to send a permission for my pictures to otrs? But which are the passports you can travel into most of the countries freely? Rd232 ( talk ) 12:03, (UTC) 100 years is just too short for safety. Rd232 ( talk ) 11:42, 30 September 2012 (UTC) Well. Obviously any new material should follow otrs, but the imported Wikitravel stuff should probably be marked with a hidden category and/or a template similar to grandfathered old file, and have another section on COM:GOF to describe the Wikivoyage situation. mattbuck ( Talk ) 15:31, 2 September 2012 (UTC) It appears that the emblem is not a trademark, but may be the shared copyright of the original costume designer, William Ware Theiss (managed by his estate). Beispiele: Bilder von Überwachungskameras, Paßfotos (oft aus Automaten Pressefotos, einfache Photos, Momentaufnahmen, Schnappschüsse (angesichts Digicams explosionsartiges Auftreten von Lichtschranken ausgelöste Photos. It's best you do it yourself, but if you do need help, try.

13:44, (UTC) *Might* make a difference, might not. Sie sind ein kostenloses Mensch, daher versuchen Sie nie haben ein Gefühl der Schuld, seien Sie vorsichtig und entsorgen Sie ihn in seinen frühen Tagen; Probieren Sie es! Holzpuzzle.99 * Lassen Sie dieses neue Puzzle für sich sprechen. However, (2) Under jurisdictions that *do* allow copyright on faithful reproductions, we cannot assume that the photographer has released *their* (inherent?) copyright on the reproduction under *any* terms unless they state this explicitly. The category description says clearly: Please note: The Emmy Award sculpture is still copyrighted. Do not edit the contents of this page. PeteBobb, feel free to contact me (or another otrs user) now or in the future when you need help with sharing your pictures.

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Jpg' and 'Lancement maudite g' were recently deleted from. Wer unbedingt rein will sollte nicht später als 23 Uhr auftauchen denn ab dann wird die Schlange lang und man kann gut und gerne mal 30 Minuten warten. Avenue ( talk ) 18:09, (UTC) Probabilistic PD by date of creation or death of subject In most countries, copyright expires based on the death of the creator, often 70 years later, with an alternate rule for anonymous works. Instead it is about knowing a few little things here and there which save you cash which adds up during the time of your stay. Here you Karaván in Budapest is taking advantage of the increasing popularity of food trucks in Budapest (yes, there is already a festival for it). This image can easily be recreated by re-shooting the photograph. I'm waiting for otrs to forex bilder was ist das warm check it, and when the process is completed I'll post it.- - Darwin Ahoy! Does "courtesy of" refer to the copyright holder, or does it just mean this is where or from whom the photo was sourced? This makes me wonder why. Stefan4 ( talk ) 18:01, (UTC) MOD News License The UK Ministry of Defence posts certain photos under a "MOD News License" to be used for news reporting, see.

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Stefan4 ( talk ) 20:56, (UTC) Hm, two of those templates don't exist. I guess this ends the question, then. Image:g is significantly more than a simple geometric shape. You are going to study in forex bilder was ist das warm Budapest soon? Grundsätzlich sind Mobilfunkanbieter in Ungarn, wie auch in Deutschland, so aufgestellt, dass es Prepaid sowie Postpaid Verträge gibt.

After a few years, they had an official name: Ruin Bars. Reagieren Sie anders als Ihre Nachbarschaft gewöhnt. Located in the city center near Basilica Ötkert is in the best area for nightlife with many clubs, bars and restaurants around as well as hotels and typical tourist spots. Stefan4 ( talk ) 17:06, (UTC) thanks for the replies) thus i believe we can keep it, can't we? What do you think? 5) und Lichtbild (engl. Right now they are using a BSD-style license, which as we know is not ideal for graphics. Jarekt ( talk ) 02:47, (UTC) It's normal that Freedom of Panorama (FOP) limited to non-commercial use isn't enough for Commons. That's pretty clear: it's a location for contemporary sculpture, and there is no permanent exhibition - by implication because the intention is to stay fresh and contemporary. NB "most" projects do not have EDPs, because most projects are tiny: see list of EDPs at m:Non-free content vs m:Complete list of Wikimedia projects. Jpg Star Trek Arrowhead File:Emblem g 1 is there a problem here? Anyway, as far as I know the current usual rule of thumb is assuming that the author died aged 100 years old and created the work when he was 10 years old. If a clearly old file has unknown publication date and is not a painting, it's generally a photograph, and museums and even magazines often have file cabinets full of unpublished photographs.

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Rd232 ( talk ) 09:49, (UTC) New file uploaded instead of new version I have found an image file that has been over-written by the same user. Then, if I were to be the uploader, I would like to keep a written permission from the other heirs, specially if the works could became valuable in terms of money.- Pere prlpz ( talk ) 09:40, (UTC). Wenn wir ein schlechtes Gefühl über etwas haben, wie wir die negativen Ble, die uns zu sehen, die positive Situation verhindern, selbst wenn sie nur ein paar Zentimeter voneinander entfernt waren. Was found guilty to violate someone's copyright of a specific rendering of the character. Glauben an sich selbst und eine bessere Gesundheit, bekommen wir eine tägliche regelmäßige und kurze Übung. I licensed the photographic work with CC-BY.0 and the motif with PD-old. 2) Das Buch Mein Kampf wird 70 Jahre nach dem Tod des berühmtesten Weltkrieg-I-Gefreiten in 2015. So - just need to check everything is OK with the license set there and here. Stefan4 ( talk ) 00:44, (UTC) It is a Huawei HB5A2H.

forex bilder was ist das warm

I read the text of my release to wiki as saying "I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.0 Netherlands license. Werden Sie selbst zum Designer und wählen Sie die Kuscheldecke zum selbst Gestalten als den Hingucker unter Ihren Wohnaccessoires. Aber nicht nur Sie selbst freuen sich über die persönliche Fotodecke. The other is to disallow restoration where a work is "public domain in its source country through expiration of term of protection" ; that should indeed mean that if a foreign country has a shorter term for simple photos, that. Was sind die möglichen Lösungen? No song lasts longer than 2 minutes because he is already playing the next song. Its a little gadget but nothing more. Eleassar (t/p) 18:23, (UTC) The whole "successor state" thing is very hairy and uncertain, afaik. Assuming that Stanisaw Dbicki was not an unknown, I'm happy to assume there were postcards or books published with the painting in his lifetime.

forex bilder was ist das warm