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Investopedia makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein. The November crash ended right before the contracts for November expired, making it seem like the CME futures traders launched their ammunition to crash the market when the market was already crashing due to bad news, greatly amplifying the overall crash. according to, coin Telegraph, the first bitcoin futures contract closed on January 17 at 10,900. 10, and that first contract expires Wednesday, and the initial CME contract expires on Jan. There was almost no change in price during October, and this may have created an environment where an equal amount of longs and shorts were present, and much fewer positions overall. Cboe data suggests that the market for its G8 contract (set to expire on 2/14) is trading slightly below the market, with the firms official website reporting a price of 11,220.00. Once they got their long profits, then they may have collectively decided it was time to squeeze money out of short selling again. Speaking to reporters, CEO Ed Tilly said that the process could lead to something like an ETF a long-sought product but only if regulators are firmly on board. On December 11, 2017, the day that cboe launched the bitcoin futures contract, the price of a single coin hovered around 17,000.

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This brings up the possibility that CME futures traders are doing far more than banging the close. The question is, how high would Bitcoin have rallied if there were not people manipulating the spot market to better their short positions on the futures markets? The market stopped dropping once the May contracts expired, and was steady until the middle of June. Yet in the period of time after the F8 contract settled, bitcoins price appears to be reversing the trend it has seen in the past two days. 17, 2017, which makes it extremely clear that the genesis of the CME Bitcoin futures market had a substantial impact on the Bitcoin market from the very beginning. The March 29 Bitcoin futures expiration is an excellent example of banging the close.

Bitcoin price in USD top chart, volume in Bitcoins along bottom. It is important to note that short sellers would have still had nice profits since overall Bitcoin declined 1,000 during August. If traders made short sell bets on Bitcoin, but then Bitcoin begins to have a serious rally, they may coordinate to end the rally. Further, Bakkt delayed the launch of physical Bitcoin futures, which is something many investors were looking forward. (See also: cboe to Start Bitcoin Futures Trading on Dec. Trading Hours, cME Globex and CME ClearPort: 5:00.m.

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It is also possible for traders in long positions to manipulate the market to go higher right as the expiration happens, which could perhaps also be called banging the close. This brings up another interesting effect of the CME Bitcoin futures. Between the April 27 and May 25 CME Bitcoin futures expiration dates, the bounce-back rally was entirely liquidated as short sellers took back the helm. The line at the left side of the chart shows the date that CME Bitcoin futures launched, Dec. Options would add a whole new ecosphere of trading and market making, presenting another path toward respectability.

First Bitcoin Futures Contract Expires At 10,900

Overall, September was another good month for CME short sellers. It seems these dates will be important futures contract expires bitcoin for Bitcoin traders, since as the above analysis shows, the spot market often crashes right when expiration happens on down months, and during up months the rally usually peaks right around the expiration date. Bloomberg suggests that the company may explore products built around other coins but that is likely to come after more months of work around the futures product. Investors will be watching to see how smoothly the Cboe contract closes. The SEC issued devastating enforcement actions against Paragon (PRG) and Airfox (AIR) and said that would be the protocol for ICO enforcement going forward. The CME Bitcoin futures contracts for a particular month expire on the last Friday of the month, except if there is a holiday in the United Kingdom or United States. But on Tuesday, bitcoin was sitting right around 10,000, a fall of 50 percent. It seems possible that this 1,000 price crash was short sellers banging the close to cut losses and perhaps was mitigated by people in long positions banging the close in the other direction. 17, 2017 launch date of the CME Bitcoin futures coincided with the beginning of Bitcoins crash from 20,000 to as low as 3,100 in December 2018. There is no sign that there is an acute case of banging the close, but perhaps banging the close was not even needed at the expiration since the market fell so hard. Perhaps when the market does not move much in either direction banging the close does not happen. They may be preemptively banging the market right after they buy their monthly contracts, which would cause market panic, widespread selling, and far lower prices than they could achieve from their own manipulation. This futures contracts expiration dropped Bitcoin below 7,000, and it took at least 10 days for the Bitcoin market to recover from this bottom that was likely induced by CME futures-related manipulation.