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He was replaced by Morris Lemma. (IPS, 3/12/03) 2003 Mar 18, In Australia PM John Howard said his government would commit 2,000 military personnel to any.S.-led strike aimed at disarming Iraq. In February, 2015, Myuran Sukumaran (33) and Andrew Chan (31) faced immediate execution. The UN issued Australia a warning that it could be breaching its intl. The filed lay 95 miles south of East Timor and 250 miles north of Australia. (AP, 11/12/06) 2006 Nov 18, In Australia police on horseback and wielding batons clashed with rock- and bottle-throwing demonstrators outside a G-20 meeting of some the world's top financial officials, turning what had been promised as a peaceful rally against. 54.5 voted against a republic in which the head of state would be elected by Parliament. (AP, 9/30/05) 2005 Oct 3, Australians Barry. Some 5,700 sheep aboard the Cormo Express died before Eritrea accepted the animals. (AP, 10/26/02) 2002 Oct 27, The Australian government listed the militant Islamic network Jemaah Islamiyah as a terrorist group. (SFC, 7/5/01,.A8) 2001 Jul 14, In Australia British backpacker Peter Falconio (28) was murdered and his girlfriend, Joanne Lees.

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(AP, 1/17/05) 2005 Jan, Mark Latham, head of Australias Labor Party, resigned. (SFC, 8/22/11,.A2).7Bil BC In 1999 Australian geologists under Jochen. (sfec, 10/10/99,.T9 ssfc, 10/26/03,.C2) 1930 Apr 29, Telephone connection England-Australia went into service. He was awarded a Tony in 1955 for Supporting Actor in the musical Peter Pan." (m/name/nm0728509/bio) 1977 The rock band inxs was formed in Perth. It was directed by Samantha Lang. (AP, 2/19/10) 1870 Henry Redford rustled a thousand head of cattle from near Fairfield and drove them over a thousand miles across uncharted desert to market in South Australia. (Econ, fx trader morant bay contact number 7/30/05,.39) 2005 Jul 31, The hmas Brisbane, a decommissioned.S.-built Australian naval destroyer (1966-2001 was scuttled with explosives off the coast of Queensland. (HN, 8/18/98) 1967 Feb 3, Ronald Ryan (b.1925) was the last person executed in Australia.

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He is best known for his song Waltzing Matilda." (HN, 2/17/01 NG, 8/04,.29) 1866 Jan 2, Gilbert Murray, Australian born scholar who became the chairman of the League of Nations, 19, was born. The area is now occupied by farmers. (SFC, 1/7/02,.A5) 2002 Jan 24, Some 200 mainly Afghan asylum seekers continued their hunger strike for a 10th day in Woomera. Taxis- Local Transport on Travel, taxis with a red plate are official "route taxis". AS WWI started the financial press helped to cover up news of a run on the Bank of England. (SFC, 12/5/98,.A5) 1998 Dec 28, At least 6 sailors were feared dead from a gale that struck off Australia during the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race. It is known for its wind-swept landscape, and about.5 million seabirds and 80,000 elephant seals migrate there each year to breed. It was named after Afghan camel drivers who predated the railway. 90 of life in the oceans and 70 of land animals disappeared within a million years due to a suspected asteroid impact.

Kenna was awarded a Victoria Cross for his valor. (WSJ, 5/7/99,.W6) 1999 The Australian film "Head On" starred Alex Dinitriades and Paul Capsis. (AP, 10/23/03) 2003 Oct 24, Chinese President Hu fx trader morant bay contact number Jintao became the first Asian leader to address Australia's parliament. The 12-foot dinosaurs were padded with body fat to survive temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. US intelligence estimated the death toll at 200.

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He played the fx trader morant bay contact number barrister in the TV show "Rumpole of the Bailey." (SFC, 7/24/02,.A1) 2002 Jul 27, Nearly 60 false killer whales stranded on an Australian beach died or were euthanized after failed attempts to return them to the water. Inspired by tales of the American ironclad, the Monitor, Kelly wore an 80-pound suit of armor during his final crimes. (AP, 11/5/10) 35000BC-25000BC Aboriginal rock paintings in Australia were made as far back as this time. (HN, 10/19/00) 1834 Aug, The barque Charles Eaton was wrecked on Australias Great Barrier Reef. In 2014 scientists reported that a genetic between extinct Denisovans and some modern-day Tibetans and Sherpas. In 1860s she found some seedlings growing in a creek where she had tipped out some apples brought back from Sydney. (AP, 3/20/04) 2004 Mar 20, The Economist reported that a Goldman Sachs study found consumers in Australia and Spain to be the most vulnerable, of 19 countries, to higher interest rates or recession. (SFC, 5/6/00,.B8) 2000 May, A mining company discovered a huge underground water reservoir in Western Australia that covered an area 435 by 25 miles.

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In 2002 Martin Brasier of the Univ. The full bench of the Federal Court upheld a fx trader morant bay contact number lower court ruling that Stephen Cooper, the operator of the Web site in question, as well as Comcen, the Internet service provider that hosted it, were guilty under Australian copyright law. By 2011 thefts of stolen phones had dropped 25 even as the number of mobile phones increased from 15 million to 26 million. (SFC, 10/23/01,.C1 AP, 2/3/06 Econ, 4/25/09,.49) 2001 Oct, A plague of bush rats was reported to have destroyed half of Queenslands surviving wheat crop, already decimated by drought. James Cook first saw Australia. In 2011 Australian scientists hailed the discovery of a pair of insect-like eyes belonging to a freakish prehistoric super-predator. It was based primarily on mandatory private savings in plans called "superannuation funds." (WSJ, 12/31/97, m) 1987 Jul 11, Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke won a third consecutive term, becoming the first Labor Party leader in the country's. 74 US sailors were killed.

The "Challenge to design and fx trader morant bay contact number build a car capable of crossing Australia on the power of daylight, was launched in 1987 and teams and individuals from corporations and universities throughout the world take part. (MC, 11/24/01) 1643 Dec 25, Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, a British East India Company vessel, named Christmas Island when he sailed past it on Christmas Day. He was stripped of his Saudi citizenship in 1994. (AFP, 11/17/05) 2005 Nov 23, Australia's PM John Howard visited Pakistan's devastated earthquake zone and announced a further 37 million dollars in aid for victims of the disaster. A statue was erected in his honor on an island park in Perth in 1983. (SFC, 7/4/97,.C1) 1997 Aug 18, Burnum Burnum (b.1936 as Henry James Penrith Aboriginal activist, died at age.

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(Reuters, 8/25/06) 2006 Aug 28, Don Chipp (81 an Australian politician famed for his pledge to "keep the bastards honest died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. The government had earlier recognized the incorporation of fx trader morant bay contact number East Timor into Indonesia. The verdict cleared three Canadian mining company employees of complicity. In 2009 the film Balibo by Australian director Rob Connolly, depicted the killings. (WSJ, 5/20/98,.A12) 1998 Aden Ridgeway became the 2nd Australian Aborigine to be elected to the federal Parliament. 1975 Oct 16, In East Timor five Australian journalists were killed when Indonesian troops overran the border town of Balibo. The bishop who punished her recanted three years later and she was exonerated by a church commission. He was extradited to Australia to serve the remainder of his sentence. (AFP, 11/27/06) 2006 Nov 30, Tens of thousands of Australians rallied against controversial industrial relations laws, temporarily bringing parts of the country's major cities to a halt. In 2005 the Australian researchers won a Nobel Prize for their work. (SFC, 12/29/01,.A3) 2002 Jan 2, Fires continued near Sydney and almost 160 houses were lost. (AP, 4/7/08) 35000BC A piece of a stone axe dating to this time was discovered in 2010 on sacred Aboriginal land in Australia, the oldest object of its type ever found. (AP, 10/24/02) 2002 Oct 25, Australia's prime minister promised to give the world's 50 poorest countries better access to his nation's markets and called on other rich nations to do the same.

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(HN, 12/18/98) 1916 Apr 26, Morris. And other intelligence information he has seen, there is currently no justification for a war on Iraq. The day is since known as Australias national day. (HN, 4/9/98) 1770 Apr 19, Capt. (WSJ, 5/13/99,.B13) 1998 Dec, A fx trader morant bay contact number brushfire in Queens that started near Linton killed 5 volunteer fire-fighters. (Hem., 1/97,.53) 1813 Bennelong (49 an Australian Aborigine, died.

From 1957 to 1976 Union Carbide made chlorinated herbicides there, including 2,4,5,-T a component of the infamous Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War. Today 70 of the local people (3,500) live underground in former mines and specially dug caves since it gets so hot in the summer (130 degrees). By years end some 50,000 British convict servants were fx trader morant bay contact number transported to the American colonies in commutation of death sentences. (AP, 1/7/06) 2006 Jan 10, Australia said it will send an extra 110 troops to Afghanistan to bolster the fight against Islamist militants, increasing its presence in the country to about 300. In 2000 Utzon was named consulting architect and in 2003 was called back to redo the interiors. The giant New Zealand-born chestnut became an icon in Australia during the Great Depression, winning 37 of his 51 races, including one Melbourne Cup in 1930 and two Cox Plates in 19In 2008 tests proved that Phar Lap was poisoned by arsenic. (AFP, 1/21/08) 1887 A cyclone killed some 140 oyster crewmen in Broome, Australia.

On June 1 Roche was sentenced to 9 years in prison. Alistair Urquhart of Scotland, a prisoner on the Kachidoki Maru, was picked up 5 days later by a Japanese whaling ship and taken to Japan, where he was forced to work in a coal mine. In March, 2008, the wrecks of the Kormoran and the Sydney were found. According to Morgan and Richards The Book of Apples: A Mrs. The Pampanito was later berthed as a visitor attraction. This sent its currency to a seven-month peak against the US dollar. 1/29/11,.84) 1971 Australia joined with New Zealand and 14 independent of self-governing island nations to form the South Pacific Forum. (AP, 3/6/06) 2006 Mar 12, Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Australia for a five-day state visit that has reignited the simmering debate over whether she should remain the country's head of state. (AP, 5/24/05) 1892 The Sydney Victorian style Strand Arcade on George Street was built. The jury convicted Lodhi of charges relating to maps, chemical inquiries and bombmaking instructions. Bruce Knecht authored Hooked: Pirates, Poaching and the Perfect Fish an account of the chase and the Chilean Sea Bass. (AP, 12/13/05) 2005 Dec 15, An emergency sitting of Australias parliament passed special laws allowing Sydney police to "lockdown" parts of Sidney to stop racial unrest. (AP, 1/24/08) 1962 Australia granted Aborigines the right to vote.

(AFP, 10/9/06) 2006 Oct 12, More than 100 wildfires raged across Australia, sending firefighters scrambling to protect homes and farmland. (Reuters, 1/20/06) 2006 Jan 23, In Australia commercial fishing was banned in Sydney's harbor due to dangerous levels of poisonous dioxin being found in prawns and fish. (AFP, 12/4/06) 2006 Dec 6, Australia's Parliament lifted a four-year ban on cloning human embryos for stem cell research despite opposition from the prime minister and other party leaders. (Econ, 1/17/04,.37) 1856 Rabbits were let loose in Australia about this time. (sfem, 10/11/98,.29) 1969 At their peak in 1969, 68,889 combat troops from Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and the Philippines were deployed in Vietnam. (AP, 8/27/09) 1999 Nov 6, In Australia elections to decide on severance of ties with the royal family were scheduled.

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(SFC, 12/4/97,.A18) 1997 Dec 15, A government report said that at least 1,045 retarded women and girls have been sterilized since a 1992 law that made it illegal without special approval. 1804 Australian soldiers fired on an aboriginal hunting party on Tasmania and killed some 50 people. (SFC, 4/19/99,.A2) 1999 May 17, US authorities charged Jean-Philippe Wispelaere of Australia for trying to sell classified American defense documents. She and 47 other nuns were thrown onto the streets of Adelaide, relying on the charity of friends to survive. (AP, 5/24/06) 2006 May 25, PM John Howard increased Australias contingent to Timor-Leste to some 1,300 troops. Camels from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan were imported to help work on the line. (SFC, 10/26/96,.A17) 35000BC In 2008 archeologists unearthed tools dating back at least 35,000 years in a rock shelter in Australia's remote northwest, making it one of the oldest archaeological finds in that part of the country. (AP, 12/8/09) 2005 Dec 26, Kerry Packer (68 Australian media mogul, died in his Sydney home. (HN, 8/29/98) 1883 Davenport Bromfield (1862-1954 a surveyor, ran away with Mary Ware (1851-1935 a married mother. Dara Singh led some 30 men in the attack. James Cook, commander of the British ship Endeavour, discovered the Great Barrier Reef off Australia by running onto. (Econ, 3/20/04,.85) 2004 Mar 24, Australia's parliament passed a law making the Great Barrier Reef the most protected reef system on earth. (AP, 7/4/05) 2005 Jul 8, Australia granted fugitive former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin a permanent visa allowing him to stay in the country indefinitely.

(AP, 1/10/03) 2003 Jan 18, Heavy bush fires hit Canberra, Australia, killing 4 people. (AP, 1/6/05 Econ, 1/15/05,.38) 2005 Jan 11, At least eight people were killed in a wildfire that raced through southern Australias Eyre Peninsula, forcing terrified residents to leap into the sea to avoid the flames. (AP, 6/5/09 SFC, 11/26/10,.A7 SFC, 2/24/12,.A5) 2003 Oct 23, Pres. He was discovered and rescued by an Aboriginal family and went on to live with the Uutaalnganu speakers for the next 17 years until he was found by the crew of the John Bell on 1859 The Yalumba Winery. Police confirmed that three bones recently found at Beerburrum State Forest belonged to Morcombe. (AP, 2/21/05) 2005 Feb 22, PM John Howard said Australia will send an extra 450 troops to Iraq to help protect a Japanese humanitarian mission and bolster the country's transition to democracy. Geoffrey Rush won fx trader morant bay contact number the 1997 Academy Award for best actor. Archeologists said the discovery is evidence that Aboriginal Jawoyn people from Arnhem Land could have been the first to grind axes to sharpen their edges. (SFC, 8/7/97,.A11) 1980 Aug 17, In Australia Lindy Chamberlains 9-week baby, Azaria, was allegedly dragged away from a family campsite at Uluru, or Ayers Rock, by a dingo. She lived under the name Maria Anna Allyson. Sun was accused of "seducing" a former air force colleague into copying more than 1,000 top-secret and classified documents, and of passing them to the Taiwanese. (SFC, 8/27/99,.D3) 1999 Sep 6, Jiang Zemin arrived in Australia, the first visit there by a Chinese president.