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So psychologically the masters are saying Im getting in too late. Im happy to share that with you. The Conclusions, the Tail Gap Strategy remains one of my favorite technical trading strategies because it offers great risk to reward characteristics and it makes sense. By that I mean you cant be doing the same thing everyone else does. Experienced traders have always interpreted and exploited these gaps for profit and that is what you are going to do with the Gap and Go strategy. Volume Doesnt Lie This strategy looks for stocks that are up at least 4 and doing at least 2 times normal volume. Ive seen many times where if you put it at the close or the last bar, it could be a green bar and maybe the close would be up there. So the gap does close eventually. The last issue I see traders repeatedly having trouble with is avoiding placing stop levels and profit target levels. Therefore what I recommend is that you do put these levels on your chart and make them something unique, like a different color. Remember, great strategies dont have to be complicated to be profitable.

Gap and, go, strategy, review (Step by Step Tutorial 2019)

We gapped down this day. On higher than normal relative volume, the stock must be between 10 and 150 with at least 125k share being already traded today. So I put it on there, but I dont expect this necessarily going to feel in the first day or even two. Buy high immediately after the market opens. Theres your gap from the previous day. There are no certainties. Leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of this page. In the 5 day range this, stock should be near the lower end of this range looking to change the near term trend and move higher on nsult the main AI window for this strategies target, hold time and stop type. The first major problem that I see traders making with the Tail Gap Strategy is taking signals against the main trend.

Looks for a gap down in price with an attempt to come back up and fill a portion of the gap. The 30 minute relative weakness in the S P 500 is also considered. The S P 500 must be up in the last 10 minutes as a market filter. Remember, for success to be achieved with this strategy the right catalyst, trader interest and float should be present. We dont feel that gap that day. Enter your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Strong Stock Pulling Back This strategy is triggered by a 25 pullback from highs on stocks that are showing strong volume and price movement relative to the S P 500 even on a weak day.

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This is supposed to happen very quickly, thats why I dont give this trade too much time to work out. Gap Trading Techniques, so in looking for the gap to close, technically you would say we should do it on the previous days close because gap and go trade strategy that is literally closing the gap; closed at one price one day. The pullback entry will be on a stock that is already up nicely on the day and the S P 500 has to be positive for the day. As always, if you guys have any questions or comments, please add them right below and until next time, happy trading. Whatever color you want to mean something to you, but just that you dont use for anything else.

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The S P 500 must be down in the last 10 minutes as a market filter. The max price for this strategy is 20 dollar stocks. Looking For a Bounce. Has added many RSI filters and the stock must be up from yesterdays close. This strategy has market filters that look at the S P 500 to make sure it is not too negative on the day. This way you will enter all orders at the same time and make a habit of doing.

Weve got two more. Little Big Guy, this strategy focuses on stocks under 8 dollars. Those of you who follow my trading videos and this blog know that Im a big proponent of simple technical trading strategies. Remember, the biggest cause of losses is caused by avoiding stop loss orders at the time you enter the market. Downward Dog, this is simply a breakdown of a channel (as defined by Trade Ideas data). So its really nothing new to the Western world. One famous and effective way to trade the market is to use gap trading strategies. The trigger is a minimum 5 hour level of resistance. Again, we've got a video tutorial inside the membership area that tells you how to use these weekly expiration tags. Now that is the norm. So if you are going to look for a market move after a gap, usually its going to be after lunch. The max gap and go trade strategy price on these will be stocks under 20 dollars. The max price for this strategy is 80 dollars.