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In 1910at Jekyll Island Georgia the US Corporation fraudulently put together this monetary system as an omnipotent fiat dollar-making machine. It was well known that the CIA controlled the media. bruce; Sue with all that being said. Bush garnered the help of the Illuminati to continue on with their plans of global enslavement. 8) June 15, 2016, Dunford new President of New Republic 9) No public announcement of Federal Reserve and trading forex with currency index IRS no longer 10) Final negotiation teams meet. General Li waits on Putin. . The reconstruction of this planet is first, huge, massive and very welcome. The Zimbabwe currency and historical bonds will be redeemed at face value and mandatory 50-year payout.

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yoda ZAP says (Short Version ) Posted June 17/16 HI ALL NOW that THE first transfer TO THE corporate paymaster HAS been confirmed, AND WE know THE base timeline FOR THE clearance process AND THE time IT takes FOR international. 3- 1:06 eastern on Thursday forex leverage usa resident two satellites were activated to coordinate the transactions Art. . 20 2016 posted Oct 21/16. The British government bailed out Lloyds at the height of the financial crisis in 2008 at a cost of some 20 billion, handing the state a 43-percent stake in the bank. Bruce Bank redemption centers are ready and well staffed, ready for this to happen anytime now. .

There were 7,000 off-site locations, the redemption staff, massive security presence, Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing reps, skeleton trusts, structured payouts, NDAs, and sovereign rates for some, international rates for others. Dont get super spiritual, not talking to the choir, or Pastor Steven. After the 800#s came out we would have 48 hours to set exchange appointments. The RV was under way and would continue to conclusion. A transcription of the Obama speech can be found here at the Washington Post. At exchange, speak loudly for the broken, forgotten, weak, distraught, hopeless and crippled, for service to the meek is joy, and joy for blessing all is service. The USA, Inc was no longer acknowledged on the global stage. See CIA mind control salve Cathy OBriens books Access Denied and Tranceformation of America. Bruce/Yosef this is like a soft opening of a business to ensure that everything works. . This corrupt system was run by political elite secret society members whose allegiance was to Masonry including those initiated into Skull and Bones, or were associated with the sovereign City of Londons Crown Temple, Vatican hiearchy or in private families. ALL other projects will BE started IN parallel TO THE main effort, BUT will take THE expected processing times FOR funding provision. New USN or gold backed currency has been printed with new faces forex leverage usa resident such as Harriet Tubman on the 20 bill.

I am sick and tired of calls from all over the world and my business being reported on the internet by Casper. Smaller releases have occurred, and continue to occur, with the larger release still awaiting go authorization from the military generals now in charge. This is somewhat new information, because VNs been ready for quite some time wanted to move, but advised to sit a little longer, due to world economic balance, trade agreement impact, and other considerations involving Security, in and around. Its ok to surrender constantly because the moment is bigger than your knowledge or ego. 16) 7000 off site exchange centers are double staffed and told to be ready after 4pm today. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. This knowledge really does build upon itself. . Baron Rothschild is the head of the Khazarian mafia referred to as Octopus forex leverage usa resident that controls the issuance of US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen and many other currencies, not including the Chinese yuan, or the Russian ruble. To put it another way, some of the top Khazarian cabal banks and owners of the Federal Reserve Board were basically being told they were bankrupt.

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Were not sure how they determined who to bring in first, probably currency holders that bought locally at branches perhaps, but we know regular folks like you and me have been getting converted and hydrated on the spot, all. Bruces The Big Call tonight, Thursday, at 9pm EST (CC# 605.562.3170 ) was followed by every major bank in the world. Nesara would re-establish Constitutional law and they would be forced out of office to face public Treason charges. m The Sovereign rates or Private Negotiated rates are for those with Humanitarian Projects or Plans. Tier 2 is almost complete. Know you were created for this precise moment in historytheres no other explanation for whats happening now. Some members of Congress have actually been charged with obstruction over their discussions of nesara. Sources inside The Committee macro financial meetings in Beijing say global release has been any minute reality since the start of Septemberthis was committed in late August. Wikipedias article was total disinformation. I decide what will be done and what I am doing is none of your business. Now Bruce is trying to impersonate someone nobody can figure out who!

The US Congress was said to be bought off as they secretly passed the illegal and un-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913. International fiscal year began 10/1. The mind control program funded by US tax dollars for the purpose of developing Super Spies and assassins, was tightly tied into the world monetary system. The new US Republic Military was in the process of reclaiming all military installations. If it does, well be here. My, fIVE faves this Friday focuses on our work and how we intend to share. Notice, what they say in this article, about the Dong currency rates: For those of you whove been asking: It is our belief and opinion, that the Iraq Dinar and the Vietnam Dong, will both, significantly increase their in-country rate and. bruce 14 points #1 Per IT engineers working on Bric financial system. President Dunford is now flying Air Force One, with full-time presidential detail. The USA, Inc, and all of its agencies were no longer to be acknowledged on the global stage. HI ALL Zap Poofness RV GCR PPP update! bruce; listing the partners. IT does NOT take rocket science TO figure OUT that once THE taps ARE opened UP, THE flow will stimulate THE economies widely AND provide FOR THE fertile medium FOR good growth IN THE right directions.

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The North American Union would be done and Washington.C. One very visible sign of the US regime change was the fact that Pentagon sources noted, 1500 Yale Skull and Bones documents will be released to expose US Secretary of State John Kerry, the Bushes, and other cabal members. This is important because Rome owned all corporations in the world, and thus released all corporations in the world at the same timeincluding all governments and banks they covertly owned without public knowledge. There is a rough time frame for. That is why we are in a situation now we are witnessing Tier 2 transaction, SKR and in some cases the payout of platforms, and seeing them being scrutinize by forex leverage usa resident Homeland Security. Bruces call fit into the current Thursday evening release window (which we were. According to her biography, Twenty Two Faces Hill was abused.

There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. This means all 195 sovereign nations of the world have now forex leverage usa resident ratified into force the Paris agreement on Climate Change, revaluation and the financial reform can now be implemented. The predominant information is that it will be about 2 weeks before the major releases are completed and the new paradigm will take effect. Since 2015they have been trading the new TRNs internationally, in Europe and in the Japanese Market. It was reported that after the whcd dinner that Obama did not go back to the White House.

forex leverage usa resident

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The Dragon Familys 100 billion in gold that was leased to the new US Treasury was temporarily stored in Texas. Y2K Compliance Methodology for Nuclear Power Generation Sites ( 1998) and the, hipaa Survival Kit for Providers ( 2002, 2008, 2011, 2014) as well as various magazine articles. This transition had quietly rolled out going back to 4th quarter 2012. As a result, nothing of substance was done. All currencies of the world are now legally forex leverage usa resident collateralized 100 by Chinese Elder gold (aka Global Collateral Accounts). When Tier 2 ends, Tier 3 begins. You can get up to 7 cashiers checks at your initial exchange as long as they are under 500,000 each. A testimony and articles.

It will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors. Know that as a family, we have indeed been enslaved and violently oppressed for over a dozen millennia without our full conscious awareness. . All military and diplomatic matters forex leverage usa resident worldwide (including Aleppo) will be permanently resolved by 11:59pm EST tonight Oct. By midday on Friday 21st March 2008, John Roberts control of the USA Treasury had been terminated by a majority vote of the other USA Supreme Court Justices. We are in the very end stages.

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Supreme Court Justices to deny its existence, or face charges of treason punishable by death. Thank you for your enquiry, we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Bruce #6 Thursday afternoon WF sent memos to all redemption centers to be ready. . This led to the Global Currency Reset of May 2016 a complicated process concerning a revaluation of world currencies that included removal of the Federal Reserve and certain global elites, along with their Khazarian mafia, from control of the global monetary system. Thats why I continue to find new ways to share with others every day, in every way. . Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after nesaras announcement. The day after Bush. That was the plan that Abadi had going home. This iretty decent responsibility WE ALL have NOW FOR doing something FOR OUR humanity, AND WE must BE mindful OF that IN what WE DO, AND HOW WE. Against our already accrued National Credit so as to put an end to all pretense of conflict with or valid commercial claim against the American People and their actual property assets. All bank debts worldwide are forgiven.

forex leverage usa resident

Bruce # 11 Prudent to look for RV after markets close Thursday evening and initiating by Monday. . V88k2imkgifa ml For three years survivor-witnesses who went before the six international judges forex leverage usa resident claimed that well-known world leaders regularly sexually abused and killed children in Satanic ceremonies. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters not only created about 98 of the World money from thin air, they charged interest to those who used their own money. Sovereign Treasuries will retake control of their own currencies and control their own future. These private contracts have been created and secured under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit. Washington DC was a system of corporate scams constructed to milk the American people without their knowing.

The tie vote meant the motion failed, but the move nonetheless angered other public officials. When we receive that toll free number, we will quietly set our appointments and go about to do our redemptions. Global elites including those in the banking system, were known to regularly hold the Satanic child exploitation ceremonies for the purpose of gaining power and privlidge. Fiat US Dollar, Pound Euro dead. NOW that WE ARE SO close, there arew things that should BE looked AT very very carefully. It was in motion and would not be stopped. 8 cabal leadership forex leverage usa resident are now being arrested and being punished accordingly to their crimes Art. .

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The epic events regarding the changeover of the global monetary system was news throughout Europe and Asia, though no mention was made in the Cabal leader George Soros-owned US main stream media. Theres also a risk for the new global monetary, military, and government authority to make sure that they can guarantee public safety and fiscal performance at the time of our exchange, plus they can keep the peace and money. This next 8 days is what weve been looking at ALL year, according to Plan, since january. There is complete freedom now within the new financial system for the very first time ever on this, your RV start day Sunday (anytime) The Sovereign Rates are known internally by redemption center bankers but they are not on screen. Learning THE crap THE bankers throw AT YOU HAS been THE ultimate EYE-opener, AND thankfully, THE royals have provided THE mechanism FOR funds movement FOR THE projects. Love AND light IN OUR service ZAP GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE BE good, BE legal, tell truth june 15, 2016 copyright ZAP RV GCR Intel posted June 16/16 Wednesday June 15, 2016 Republic President Dunford is feverishly. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. These leaders have been running the affairs of Americans for nearly two years now without mass knowledge (for everyones protection). There are many good hearts and groups poised to take on the challenge. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

In other words, breathe and livewith the anticipation of great things to present themselves very soon. We are in a position to receive our blessing in the not too distant future. In the last decade the Dragon Family organization attempted to contribute significant billions of US dollars for the purpose of aiding numerous global humanitarian purposes, such as relief during disasters to countries throughout the world, including Hurricane Katrina in the. Remember, its spiritually acceptable to ask for the sovereign rates as long as you sincerely plan helping others in need. Jenny Hill of Garden Grove California also claimed to be a victim. By now nations of the global monetary system had alarming concern about the US national debt and US currency which had no backing, yet was being used as the main world reserve currency. So mahalo nui loa Akua (Thank You Very Much God) as One, we are eternally grateful and appreciative of our breath and life and we shall now show you our love with our hands, our voice, our song, our smiles and our aloha moving forward. Initiates a new.S. Hillary in late stages of Parkinson will not last a year. Were all sovereign royalty. AND aliahs baby bradd IS turning OUT TO BE ONE very intelligent gueard.

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This included using mind control torture methods gained from adult and child victims of Nazi Germany concentration camps. Government military actions worldwide. Ears open, mouths shut cause theres a few new sheriffs in town. The United States was not even the United States of America. Now we know we will have our first funds before the week is out. General Dunfords ghosts are currently engaged in a full house cleaning as of this Tuesday and we are told he will make all necessary restored Republic, new USN currency and Federal Reserve/UST transition announcements after final tactical operations are complete. The new brics cips electronic forex leverage usa resident payment system of cips was active. I sent HIS latest picture TO THE private email. Fallujah has been taken by US forces and is 100 secured. The immoral practices soon created a fiat US Dollar that since the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference at the end of World War II, had functioned as the primary world reserve currency. IT IS expected that THE brics AND USA will resolve THE minutiae OF THE transition soon enough, AND many changes will take effect AS THE system shifts arounit AND resettles.

And ask that we send them in to him and his LLC? These discrepencies built to a head when the Dragons demanded payment for derivatives debts on Lehman Brothers. Structured payouts were not mandatory, they were investment options. These hidden trillions were then confiscated and placed into European bank accounts in order to generate the enormous funds needed to pay a successful Farmers Claims class action lawsuit that helped to instigate the 1992 Federal Reserve Audit. All 209 sovereign nation states are moving as one, in compliance harmony with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (gesara). These should include job creations, starting new business, helping existing businesses especially those that are failing, rebuild and provide new machinery for factories, build homes, food banks, build churches, help Veterans, help volunteer programs for schools, hospitals, etc., rebuild inner cities. No such misrepresented and undisclosed process of naturalization may be considered valid. A special allowance of an extra six days would be given to people who were evacuated because of storm areas of the Matthew Hurricane. On April 30 2016 Madam Woe declared the Dinar gold backed and exchanges took place in Atlanta Georgia.

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Landa Global has received multiple tranches, as forex leverage usa resident part of the humanitarian projects funding. . Trump was asked last year to front run for Ryan and bring in younger, disenfranchised voters to the Republican party, as well as point out all the corrupt practices of the USA, Inc. Members of Congress will not reveal nesara because they have been ordered by the.S. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation. Right before Kennedy was murdered, he had signed documents which would have closed the Federal Reserve: m/watch? Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all those behind the scenes. In order to do final tests to the new financial system Art. . The US fast began loosing their influence as the main world reserve currency due to its uncontrollable monetary policies, ever-growing debt and use of fiat currency. UN said cips vs swift, swift is dead. The privately-owned US Federal Reserve system started around 450 years ago with creation of a Vatican Trust account attached to the generational wealth of several nations. I will go with-in but also feel the need for some outside counseling on this one? Yes, this dark reality has been brutal for generations of our family, and our current lives, but it is now over, and a new collective lighter existence is here, and being released to us all in constant flows or waves of love. Internal Brazilian government issues, as well as Olympic funding, were settled this week.

M1 released GCR/RV on Wednesday.19.2016 @ 6pm PST. forex rates will follow next week after the private exchange period has completed by Oct. Bruce: All those things I have heard, we need to keep in mind. Okie is planning on coming in for a landing. May all your dreams and plans for your future come true for you and your family always, hugs.

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MY deepest thanks TO YOU, anrust everybody IN precarious places CAN tinot AND hang IN there. The Fed had functioned as the primary creator of world reserve currency since the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference at the end of World War. In the US, the Cabal-operated monetary system went back to founding of the United States of American Corporation in 1871, re-organization in 1907, Jeckyl Island in 1910 and forming of the privately owned Federal Reserve in 1913. The next step was the difficult task of announcing nesara to the world. After they are complete, we should be ready for the toll free number release. To say there is unprecedented pressure to get the RV started sometime later tonight across North America is a forex leverage usa resident great understatement.

Clarke: Everything is right on schedule. The Royal Dragon families were very concerned the the US could not even pay the interest on its debt to them. The Clinton Dynasty will be shamed and drift into oblivion, along with the Bush Dynasty, and Rockefeller Dynasty, Rothschild Dynasty, and all other Eastern European Dark Nobility Dynasties that occupied our country and attempted to destroy our nation. As per arrangements agreed in the 1921 Pact of Nations made in London, much of this gold was delivered and hidden in Indonesia and the Philippines in secret bunkers constructed by the Japanese between 1956. This world financial system was set up by and mainly funded through gold of the ancient Chinese Royal Dragon Families of Asia. His activities include membership in the New York City Emergency Preparedness Committee; serving as a member of Downstates Middle States Accreditation Distance Learning Policy and Procedures Work Group; and being a member of the Board of Directors and Compliance Resource of Cape Fear Group Homes.